Marian Finucane show: When the clock changes......

Behavioural Sleep Therapist Motty Varghese was in RTE studio to talk  to Marian Finucane about how important sleep is.

Jennifer Zamperelli show : Overcoming sleep hurdles

Prioritising sleep determines your chance to succeed. Motty Varghese was delighted to speak to Jennifer Zamperelli on compelling reasons to prioritise sleep.

How to become a better sleeper?

Maintaining dysfunctional beliefs about sleep is a reason why we are unable to get a good night sleep. Motty Varghese spoke to Sean O Rourke on Today show about sleep and sleep related behaviours....

Irish Life Health blog- How to Improve Your Sleep & Mental Health

Sleep and mental health has a bidirectional relationship and optimising sleep will help your mental health. Motty Varghese spoke to Irish Life about the multifaceted impact sleep has on mental health...

"STRESSED" RTE documentry

It was the need of the hour to bring more info on stress to the public. When RTE and Firebrand productions approached about working with a volunteer with sleep issues, it was a golden opportunity to enlighten Irish public about stress and its effect on sleep.

Irish Independent: Insomnia - a waking nightmare

"Insomnia is debilitating but suffering is optional "

Motty Varghese of Sleep Therapy clinic was interviewed by katie Byrne of Irish Independent on Insomnia and treatment options.

RTE How important is it to get good sleep?

I was happy to contribute this article to RTE's website. This article outlines the relation between stress and sleep and also provides a few tips to deal with it.

Hercampus DCU: Is sleep deprivation the college norm?

Shauna Coen of Hercampus Dublin CIty University spoke to Motty Varghese about sleep habits among college students and its impact.

Tanya Sweeney of Irish Independent spoke to MOTTY VARGHESE of Sleep Therapy Clinic as part of the national initiative "HEALTHY IRELAND"

TODAY FM Sleep Expert: Do This One Thing If You Can't Nod Off

Dermot and Dave show spoke to MOTTY VARGHESE   on Radio on " Do This One Thing If You Can't Nod Off"

TODAY FM Mind Yourself, Now! Sleep Expert Motty Varghese

MOTTY VARGHESE of Behavioural Sleep Therapy Clinic spoke to Dermot and Dave of  Ireland's most popular radio show.


Do you fall asleep immediately and feel refreshed in the morning or do you toss and turn for hours before dragging yourself from bed?  WELLFEST spoke to Behavioural Sleep Therapist MOTTY VARGHESE of SLEEP THERAPY CLINIC on how to achieve a good night sleep.


MOTTY VARGHESE explains to WELLFEST readers on how to get your sleep back on track after holiday season.


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