"I  had Insomnia for the past 9 years taking sleeping pills,, could not even fall asleep just stayed awake all night. This year June when I was about to give up...I heard about CBT Programme a kind of SleepTherapy followed the instructions and it worked for me. I sleep very well like a baby for six and half hours to 7 . I would advice people to go for CBT Programme instead of taking sleeping pills to avoid side effects." ​
61 yrs old, Dublin
Healthcare worker
"I came across Motty's Sleep Therapy Clinic while searching online for a solution to my sleeping problem. Having tried countless unsuccessful methods to cure my insomnia, I thought his method sounded promising and worth a try. In just four weeks his carefully planned CBT method has helped me to complete my first week of undisturbed sleep in four years. I can't describe how good it feels to wake up and realise I've slept through the night, having struggled to do so for so long. I would definitely recommend visiting Motty if you're having problems sleeping. I just wish I did it sooner!" 
31 yrs old, Dublin
Event Manager
The last few weeks have totally transformed my sleep patterns and therefore improved my quality of life greatly. This has been the best money that I have ever spent and my only regret is that I did not do this a year earlier. I would wholeheartedly recommend Sleep Therapy Clinic to anyone having sleep pro
31 yrs old, Dublin
I am pl​eased to report I am continuing to enjoy normal sleep again.Insomnia has affected my life for over 15 years due to a high performance lifestyle. Your 4 weeks treatment strategy works. It has lived up to expectations. Thank you for the professional discipline you maintained despite my resistance. I will be happy to recommend your clinic to others with sleep problems including chronic insomniacs. ​
72 yrs old, Dublin
Retired business coach
After years of bad sleep and relying on sleeping tablets nearly every night I decided it was time to do something about it. I searched cognitive sleep therapy online. After just four weeks of working with Motty I am off sleeping tablets and am now going to bed and falling asleep quickly. I am so happy with the results. Motty is lovely to work with and makes you feel relaxed and at ease and is always contactable. I would highly recommend anyone with sleep difficulties to go to him.
27 yrs old, Dublin
“I suffered with sleeping issues for the last 15 years and was determined to address this during a recent period of getting 2-3 hours sleep for a couple of months.  I came across Motty on an internet search. From the outset he was very understanding, professional and very flexible. As I live outside Dublin, we arranged the appointments either when it suited me on the weekend or online. From our first meeting I felt at ease and after just 4 weeks working with Motty, I am now sleeping 6-7 hours, only occasionally waking up during the night and more importantly feel in more control of my sleep. This has improved my mood immensely. I can’t thank Motty enough”
49 yrs old, Leitrim
Civil Servant
"When I came to the clinic I felt I had exhausted [no pun intended] all my options. I'd tried counselling, meditation, lavender sprays, the whole lot. I was worried that I was going to have to accept insomnia as a permanent part of my life. But Motty developed a plan for me that was practical and doable and I soon saw a huge improvement in my sleep. By sticking to the parameters we decided on together, I was able to work up to getting a full night's sleep. I used to get anxious after 7pm, worrying that I had a sleepless night ahead of me. Now I feel confident in my body's ability to shut off. And I know that if not tonight, tomorrow night."
28 yrs old, Dublin
“I had been having difficulty sleeping for a few years and sleeping pills only worked for a couple of hours if at all.    I was totally exhausted.  Having heard Motty Varghese being interviewed on the radio about sleep issues, I decided to contact him.  I’m so glad I did!  Thanks to his help I am sleeping so much better and feeling so much better too.  He is very supportive and a pleasure to deal with” ​
45 yrs old, Dublin
"When I first decided to visit Motty I was sleeping on average 5.5 hours a night and I was tired and irritable during the day and later in the evening. I finally decided to do something about it and I am so glad I did. I would highly recommend Motty to anyone who is having sleep problems as he will help you understand the science around sleep but more importantly set your behaviour so that you can stop worrying about sleep so much and feel more confident when going to bed night. I am now sleeping an average of 7.5 hours and feel much fresher and alert during the day. Thanks Mott
31 yrs old, Dublin
IT Professional
“For many years, I have struggled with sleep, difficulty falling asleep and constantly waking throughout the night, which resulted in feeling exhausted during the day. After a four-week period of attending the Sleep Therapy Clinic,  learning about good sleep therapy and putting it into practice, I have seen a dramatic improvement in my sleep and I‘m very thankful to Motty for all his help”..
31 yr old, Dublin
Office worker
"I'm not sure how Motty did it, but through 3 main changes in sleep hygiene and my thoughts or attitude towards sleep (having had sleep issues since I was a young teenager), I am now sleeping 7 + hours per night. I finished seeing Motty two weeks ago and only one night out of the last two weeks was about 5 hours. I came to Motty with "general insomnia" after a particularly bad summer in which there were weeks where I slept 2 or less hours up to 3 nights of the week, after several years which had seen me a much better sleeper. I was diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder and Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome at 14/15. This is 14 years later and I only wish I had found him sooner, but my partner and I am so grateful for all his help! "
31 yr old, Kilkenny
Self employed
"I highly recommend the Sleep Therapy Clinic to anyone suffering from  sleep problems.The treatment is simple and yet works like a dream! Motty's methods not only restore normal sleep patterns but, more  importantly,can give you a complete understanding of insomnia and how to avoid future relapses."
41 yrs old, Dublin
"I was referred to Motty after a sleep study as I have suffered from insomnia for years. I would lie awake for hours most nights a week and as a result often felt physically nauseous from pure exhaustion and really struggled with daytime sleepiness. I arrived to my first appointment with Motty completely sleep deprived. Motty put me at ease straight away. He explained the science behind sleep in a very easy to understand manner and custom made a sleep plan for me. That week I slept every night! It is an amazing feeling going to bed and just waking up the next morning. I would like to say a huge thank you to Motty and I highly recommend anyone who is suffering with sleep issues to see him."
42 yrs old, Self employed
I attended the Motty Varghese's Sleep Therapy Clinic, having sufferedwith severe insomnia for many years. I found the whole experience veryhelpful. Motty has a great way with people and will listen to you. I felt that my reasons for not sleeping were being addressed in a simple holistic way without pills or gadgetsMotty says bed is for sleeping which really struck a chord with me, same aswe eat when we are hungry and drink when we are thirsty. I found the sleep diary very useful and all the advice that he gave on each of my visits to his Clinic. There are a few simple steps that I had to follow and anybody can follow these if you have a problem sleeping. I would definitely recommend Motty Varghese to anybody who is experiencing difficulty sleeping.
61 yrs old, Stradbally
"I discovered the Sleep Therapy Program after having had sleeping issues for 2 months and ended up on Sleeping Tablets because I had slept 8hrs in 7 days. Motty became my hope in resolving this issue, i had 3 types of Insomnia. Within days of starting Therapy I was off the Sleeping Tablets and practicing the tools to build my pattern again. I can safely say that after 4 weeks I am now sleeping 6/7 hrs and have rediscovered faith in sleep. I would highly recommend Motty."
41 yrs old, Ratoath
"Over four weeks I learned through guidance how to manage my sleep and eliminate unnecessary anxiety about not sleeping. Motty's advice was clear and helpful and I am so much more relaxed about sleeping and as a result, sleeping better! My quality of life is much improved as a result and I feel more creative and effective"
55 yrs old, Dublin
Finance Professional
"I would highly recommend the Sleep Therapy Clinic.  The approach taken there is simple, logical and effective.   It involves developing your knowledge and understanding, and then changing routines and behaviours accordingly. Motty is most knowledgeable in his field, and is a very gentle and understanding person.  Since attending the clinic, my life has changed massively for the better, and this has all happened within a short time frame.  I am delighted to have attended this clinic."
42 yrs old, Dublin
"After many years of poor sleep I discovered Motty a Sleep Therapist.  Following 4 consultations with him I find my sleep patterns have improved dramatically. I am now getting 6/7 hours sleep. What a change.  Thanks Motty"
68 yrs female
"Before starting my appointments with Motty I had been suffering from insomnia for around 5 years.  I tried all the natural techniques for getting a decent nights sleep but nothing seemed to work for me. In the end, I resorted to sleeping tablets which is something I feared would only have been detrimental long-term. Then my local GP put me in touch with Motty Varghese at the Sleep Therapy Clinic. Through his educating me on sleep, combined with a sleep program, within a couple of weeks I was sleeping much better and now months later I consider myself a normal sleeper. I can't thank him enough"
36 yr old, Dublin
IT Professional
Years of sleep deprivation was really affecting my health. I tried sleeping pills, sleep music etc. Nothing worked. My daughter rang me one day and said, you have an appointment with a sleep therapist. Nope! I made no appointment. I made one for you she said. Well...best thing ever. I came out from seeing Motty with a different attitude towards sleep. Think positive. I followed his instructions. ( hardest part was putting mobile phone away ) now I'm asleep within minutes of going to bed. Thanks Motty
61 yrs old, tallaght