What is Pediatric Oximetry?

An overnight oximetry test is a screening tool  for measuring the amount of oxygen in the blood and can be used in the assessment of your child’s breathing during sleep. An oximetry test is done by a machine called a pulse oximeter to determine if the oxygen levels in blood are dropping during sleep, which may be a sign of sleep disordered breathing or obstructive sleep apnea. An oximetry is a non-invasive method and can be done at home . The test can be performed over a number of nights to improve reliability.
Your child’s doctor will review the results and determine whether further investigation is required or not.

How to book an Oximetry Test?

Your child should be referred by a Respiratory consultant or an ENT consultant for oximetry.


What to expect?

A sensor is placed onto your child’s finger or toe when he or she goes to bed at night. The sensor uses light to measure the amount of oxygen in your child’s blood, as well as their heart rate.  It does not hurt and is very simple to put on and use.


Instructions will be given for using the machine, including how to place and fix the sensor for best results. It is important to ensure the probe stays on the finger for atleast 6 hours every night to have adequate data for evaluation.

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