Do you struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep?

Behavioural Sleep Medicine offers non-medication treatment for Insomnia

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Why Sleep Therapy?

Sleep disorders often affect sleep quality and can have a profound effect on general health and well being. Excessive daytime sleepiness would be the first consequence, but insufficient sleep has also been linked to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and hypertension. Lack of sleep is also a precursor to psychological problems. When sleep suffers, your mood, judgement, safety, performance, ability to learn and memory also suffer.

Sleep therapy is to help individuals with sleep problems, primarily insomnia, to restore the good sleep by adopting new habits and new behaviours through scientifically proven and successful techniques used in Behavioural Sleep Medicine.

How can we help?


If you take 30 mins or longer to fall asleep or get back to sleep or wake up earlier in the morning than you would like to, you may be suffering from Insomnia. Insomnia can lead to unrefreshed sleep, tiredness and sleepiness during the day.....


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTi) is an effective, clinically proven method of treating insomnia. Carefully and individually tailored intervention by a Behavioural sleep therapist helps you to relcaim your sleep....


Fatigue caused by lack of sleep can lead to lack of concentration, slow reaction time, less productivity and poor performance by employees. Optimising sleep among employees will improve their health and productivity.....